Before to apply for membership.

Before you apply it is best to check which Vispas you need. When you sent an email to with your date of birth we will advise what is required. You can check on-line at Vispas check but note that the available information is available in Dutch only.


Membership of H.S.V. "de Edelkarper" can be applied:

  1. Direct at the secretary (Kruidhof 33, Bergen op Zoom)
  2. By email at
  3. On-line at the site of Sportvisserij Nederland

By becoming a member, you agree that we keep your personal details in our, – and in the administration of Sportvisserij Nederland. Refer to our privacy statement Privacy Statement

At receipt of the annual fee you will receive a temporay license, valid for 1 month from date of issue. Within 3 weeks you will then receive your permanent license for the year from Sportvisserij Nederland.

At the end of each year HSV de Edelkarper will contact you with a request to renew your license for the coming year. We do this as much as possible electronically, it is therefore important to ensure that your address and personal details are up to date. See tab “wijzigingen doorgeven” to update your personal info if necessary.

NOTE: Annual renewal on- line, direct with Sportvisserij Nederland attracts an additional administration charge of € 2,50.

Why a membership of HSV de Edelkarper

As a member you can join in on the activities, we organize such as:

Boat angling competition (at sea).

Boat competition. Membership of the boat angling club can only be obtained when you are regular member of HSV de Edelkarper. Membership of the boat club is limited. When more people want to join a waiting list will be set up. At the beginning of the season the list of participating members is issued.  The extra annual fee for the boat fishing competition is € 55,- this includes €10,- for the end of season prices and €45,- for the bonuspot. The “bonuspot” covers for boat rental costs incase members decide not to participate for one or more fishing days. When you miss a day (with notification) 1/8 part of the bonuspot will be used to compensate. If you don’t show on a day with no notification the boat rental cost for that day will be charged. A complete set of rules can be found under boot-reglement  Any bonuspot left overs will be split equally between the participating members.

Besides our competitions there are other activities, for a complete overview see our agenda.

Where can you fish

You are allowed to fish in all Dutch waters that are listed in the “gezamelijke lijst van wateren” issued by Sportvisserij Nederland. The easiest way to verify whether fishing is allowed or not, is to use the Visplanner APP from Sportvisserij Nederland on your mobile device. Note that you are required to carry the abovementioned list with you when you are fishing. Showing the use of the app when you go fishing is acceptable as well.

Fishing in Bergen op Zoom region

A list of available fishing waters can be found on

You are required to carry a license from Bergse Hengelsport Kombinatie when you want to fish in these waters. A BHK license for a reduced fee is available with the secretary of HSV de Edelkarper for members only.

BHK License

As a member you can purchase this BHK license by transferring €6,- to IBAN: NL74 INGB 0002108826 t.n.v. Penningmeester HSV de Edelkarper o.v.v. BHK Vergunning – For members under 16 years of age the BHK license is free of charge.

Double levies

When you are member of a different fishing club you will get a sub-membership from HSV de Edelkarper. Since membership fees include levies from Sportvisserij Nederland and the regional fishing association you can claim this portion of the annual fee back from Sportvisserij Nederland by entering your vispassen on the site of  Sportvisserij Nederland: Dubbele Afdracht. Holding the sub-membership will give you a second vispas and the advantage to purchase a BHK license at the reduced fee from HSV de Edelkarper. This second vispas is marked with an X to identify it as extra.

Fees 2021

   Price  Remarks
 Annual fee membership HSV de Edelkarper  €13,00  
 Levies Sportvisserij Nederland  €5,50  
 Levies Sportvisserij ZW-Nederland  €8,00  
 Vispas Cost  €9,50  
 Jeugd Vispas for members under 14 years  €-6,50  Jeugd Vispas incl. membership is €15,00 per year
 Extra Vispas  €3,50  Bewijs lidmaatschap bij dubbel lidmaatschap
 Bonus pot boat club  €45,00 To cover extra boat costs
 Bijdrage prijzentafel  €10,00 End of season prizes
 Reduction Youth/ladies/65+  €-5,00  
 Honor membership  €-25,50  
 Monthly Visblad  €7,80 Issued by Sportvisserij Nederland
 BHK-License  €6,00 License for fishing in region Bergen op Zoom
 BHK-License youth up to 16 years  €0,00 License for fishing in region Bergen op Zoom



You can terminate your membership at any time by filling out this form on our website.

In case you decide to cancel your vispas/membership it is best to do this before 1 October. By mid-October your license for the following year will be made available.

Night fishing, nightstay and use of a third fishing rod

As of 2013-night fishing is not allowed in any of the waters listed in the lijst van Viswateren without a separate add on sticker on your vispas. This add on sticker for night fishing and or the use of a third fishing rod can be purchased from Sportvisserij Nederland. For details see add permision.

Once received you place the add on stickers on the back of your vispas.  In the lijst van viswateren or the visplanner app you will find the same symbols if night fishing or the use of a 3rd fishing rod is allowed at the particular water.